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Peter Ford of Virginia

Background for Peter Ford 

© 2005 Della Ford Nash 

Peter Ford born about 1784 in Virginia


Kentucky County, Virginia was divided into three counties; Jefferson, Fayette, and Lincoln, May 1780.


 1792 Madison County, KY tax list

FORD, Peter

FORD, John

Green County, Kentucky was established in 1792-3 from Lincoln & Nelson counties. In 1804, Green County, Kentucky gained from Hardin County. Taylor County, Kentucky was established from eastern Green County, in 1848.

Barren County was established December 20, 1798 from Green and Warren Counties. It is bounded by Hart, Edmonton, Warren, Allen, Monroe, and Metcalfe Counties.

Adair was established from part of Green in 1801-1802.

Metcalfe was organized Feb 1, 1860 from Adair, Monroe, Cumberland, Barren, and Green counties

Green County, Kentucky Abstracts of Deed Books 1 & 2, 1793-1801

Compiled by Barbara Wright, 1989

DB I, page 81-82, first day of June 1796

Depositions of Daniel Hudgens, William Glover, James Isbel, and Mary Thurmon, taken before us, Elias Barbee, Thomas Hall and Isham Burks, Commissioners for the purpose of taking Depositions concerning Boas Ford’s improvement……Will Glover being first sworn Deposeth and saith that he and John Hudgens lived at Glover’s Station in the year 1780 and further that he hath heard John Hudgens say that the cave spring on the head of John Creek was the place where he intended to enter for Boaz Ford…..

DB I, page 132, 12 Sept, 1796

Boaz Ford of Buckingham county, Virginia to Luke Ford, son of Boaz Ford…..250 acres on John’s Creek a branch of Green River…..

DB I, page 183, 16 Oct, 1797

Boaz Ford of Buckingham County, Virginia to his son Ambrose Ford…

Boaz Ford of Buckingham…love and affection and $10.00, 150 acres adjoin Luke Ford….residue of land Boaz Ford owns in Green county….

Boaz Ford’s survey on John’s Creek….Luke Ford’s Spring Branch.

DB2, page 68, 27 May, 1799

William McKinney appoints Edward L Harris of Lincoln Co, Ky, as his attorney in Fact to get the amount of a Judgement obtained by him against John Ford and Joel Glass in the Court of Quarter Sessions for Mercer Co and to have the same legally authenticated from the clerk to enable my Attorney to sue for the same in the state of Georgia.

Court of 1/4 Session, Barren County

Friday Septr the 20th 1805 Ordered that Joshua Ford pay Henry Renick 7/6 for keeping three negroes 29 days, taken by execution in favour of the said against John A Holiday

Order Book 1804-1815, Vol II Kentucky Federal Court Records, pg 257

John Fipps V Joshua Ford on debt. Office Judgment is set aside, and defendant claims that there is no record as claimed in the complainants declaration. the Court having inspected the record proffered by the complainant, is of the opinion that there is such a record of recovery at the suit of the plaintiff against the defendant as claimed. Writ of inquiry awarded plaintiff, and on which there came a jury composed of the same persons as in the last jury who find for the plaintiff the debt and 1 penny in damages. Plaintiff to recover $235.00 and $9.30 and the damages and costs.

March 3, 1806 pg 260

John Fipps, v Joshua Ford, on debt. Absalom Ford of Woodford County undertook bail for the defendant.


Woodford County, Kentucky 1810 Census included; Absalom, James, John, and Lemuel Ford. 

“Barren County, Kentucky Order Book No 4, May Court 1812-August Court 1818”

Eva Coe Peden

Ordered that Stephen Ratliff, Jessy Handy, Peter Ford, John Aurtry, or any three of them being first sworn do view the Greentown Road near Jessy Handys to between the Big Pond & Blue Spring Meetinghouse & also a new way proposed & report to Court the nearest and best way with the comparative conveniences, inconveniences to the Comwith as individuals.

Barren County Tax Assessor

FHL Film 7866

Not complete


June 8, Robert Ford, 200 acres Fallen Timber?,1 white over 21,  5 horses

Joshua Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 horse


May 8, Robert Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 horse

June 7,Joshua Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 horse


Joshua Ford, 1 white over 21, 2 horses

Sarah Ford, 1 horse


Blaines Company, John Ford, 1 white over 21, 2 blacks, 1 total blacks, 1 horse


Woods Company, John Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 black, 1 total black, 4 horses


Peter Ford, 1 white over 21, 30 value


Dickenson’s Company, Joshua Ford, 1 white over 21, 4 horses, 68 value

Cruich…s Company, Peter Ford, 1 white over 21, 3 horses, 64 value

George Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 horse, 27 value

Davis’ Company, John Ford, 1 white over 21, 2 blacks, 2 total blacks, 3 horses, ??value


Peter Ford, 70 acres, 1 white over 21, 3 horses, 280 value

Hardy’s Company, George Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 horse, 025 value

John Ford, 1 white over 21, 1 black, 2 total blacks, 2 horses, 570 value


John Ford Sr, 100 acres, Barren, Sinking Creek,1-1-3-1, 1300 value

Peter Ford, 170, Barren, Barren, 1—1, ?400


Peter Ford, 50, Barren, Blue Spring

100, Barren, Blue Spring, 1-2—2, unreadable


Peter Ford, 170, Barren, Barren, 1-11–1, 278 value

1827 Barren County, Kentucky

No. 5, Ford’s Company, John Ford Sr, 100 acres, Barren, Sinking Creek, P Hale, 1 white over    21, 1 black, 3 total blacks, 1 horse, 1300 total value

No 8, Robert’s Company, Peter Ford, 170 acres, Barren, Barren, 1 white over 21, 4 horses, 650 total value


Peter Ford, 70 acres, Barren, Blue Springs, ?


Peter Ford, 170 acres, same, same,1 white, 11 ??, 1 horse, 278.00 value

John Ford is probable kin of Peter Ford as they lived on adjoining land in Barren County before Peter was cut off in Metcalfe.

Peter died before 16 August 1847 when his son Alexander filed for letters of administration for his estate. Alexander purchased 156 acres on the “Little Barren”, in Metcalfe County from his Mother, Susanna, and his sisters after his father’s death.


Green County, Kentucky Census 1810

Elizabeth Ford, 2 males under 10, 3 males 10 to 15, 1 female 26 to 44, 2 slaves, 5 under 16, 1 over 25, total in HH 6

Green County, Kentucky 1820

Elizabeth Ford, 0-1-1-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-1 

Barren County, Kentucky 1810

Josue Ford,(so sp) 1 male under 10, 4 males 10 to 15, 1 male 26 to 44, 1 female under 10, 2 females 10 to 15,2 females 26-44, 8 in HH under 16, 3 over 25, total in HH 11 

1820 Census, Barren County, KentuckyM33-17, page 11

Peter Ford, 1- 0- 0- 1- 1- 0- 2- 0- 0- 1- 0- 0- 1-7

John Ford,  2- 1- 0- 0- 1- 0- 3- 0- 0- 1- 0- 0- 3- 0- 0- 2- 0- 0- 0- 0- 1 -11

After Peter and Susanna were married in 1815 the 1820 census was taken,7 August 1820, 4 months shy of 5 years of marriage. Their household held 1 son under 10, Absolom? Or Peter Jr?; 1 male of 16 to 26, unknown; 1 male 26 to 45,  Peter; 2 females under 10, Charlotte and perhaps the Mary who may have been their child and died young; 1 female 26 to 45, Susanna. 1 engaged in agriculture.

1830 Census, Barren County, KentuckyRoll 33, pg 115

Peter Ford,

1 male of 5 and under 10, Peter Jr ?; 1 male of 10 and under 15 Alexander; 1 male of 40 and under 50, Peter. 1 female under 5, ?; 2 females of 10 and under 15, Susanna Jr andAmerica; 1 female of 40 and under 50, Susanna.

John Ford, 0 0 0 1 2 0 1     0 1 1 1 1 0 1

Leander Ford, no entries, name only (this may be Lander, colored)

Jane or Lane Ford,

“1830 Census, Allen County, Kentucky”

P Ford, 1 male of 20 and under 30, 1 female of 20 and under 30 (a son of Peter or John?)

“1840 Census, Barren County, Kentucky, East of Barren” roll 103, pg 155

E. and N. E. of Barren

Peter Ford, males 1-15 to 20, 2-20 to 30, 1-50 to 60

1 male of 15 and under 20, (Alexander); 2 males of 20 and under 30,(Absolom) and ?; 1 male of 50 and under 60, (Peter)

1 female under 5, ?; 2 female of 10 and under 15, nieces ? ; 1 female 15 to 20,(America); 1 female 20 to 30,(Susanna Jr); 1 female of 50 and under 60,( Susanna).

John Ford, Males 1 under 5, 1- 20 to 30, 1-30 to 40, Females 1-15 to 20, females 1-30 to 40,1- 60 to 70 (mother or mother-in-law?)

Garland H Forde, males 1-30 to 40, females, 1 under five, 1- 20 to 30; (son of John)

Clemant Forde,(so sp) males 1- 30 to 40, females 2 under five, 1- 18 to 20; (son of John)

Thomas Forde, males 2-5 to 16, 2-10 to 15, 1-50 to 60, females 1-15 to 20, 1-50 to 60

“Barren County Kentucky Circuit Court Witness Book, September Term 1813-April Term 1819”

Sandra K Gorin, November 1991

September Term 1816

Ordered that William Abbott pay Presley Thomas 2 days attd vs Corinth. Same to pay Presley Thomas 1 day vs Ford and Isham Hardy 2 days vs Corinth. (Copy this order delivered to Peter Ford by order of Hardy).

Ordered that Peter Ford pay Thomas Edwards 2 days attd as witness for the Comm. Vs Abbott. Same to pay same for 1 day vs same in TB.

Barren County Order Book, August 1818”

Ordered Stephen Ratliff, Jessy Handy, Peter Ford, John Aurtry or any three being first sworn do view Greentown Road from Jessy Handy to between Big Pond and Blue Spring Meeting house and also at new way proposed and report to Court nearest and best way with the comparative conveniences and inconviences as well to commonwealth as individuals. 


Barren County Marriage Book, 1799-1849”, Martha Powell Reneau, 1984

Joseph Ford married Lucinda Autray 19 December 1817, father John Autry, surety John Autry. MdDec 23, 1817 by John Chaudowin. 

Peter Ford to Susannah Edwards,Dec 1, 1815, Sur; Thomas Edwards, she 21 by oath of Thomas Edwards. (Thomas is Uncle of Susannah)

Alexander Ford to Sarah A Stovall,Jan 29, 1842, sur William M Edwards, MdJan 31, 1842 by Thomas Edwards (Thomas Great Uncle of Alexander, Alexander son of Peter)

Austin D Ford to Kitty Byrd Huffman,Feb 11, 1843, Sur; Marion Huffman. MdFeb 16, 1843, by George M Harland.  (Austin son of John?)

Clement Ford to Emilia Dickinson,May 4, 1835, Sur; James F Dickinson, consent father William Dickinson. MdMay 12, 1835 by Jacob Lock. ( Clement son of John) 

Garland H Ford to Sarah A Lewis,Sept 12, 1836, sur Simeon C Lewis, consent father Simeon Lewis, Wit. S. H Wallace, Simeon C Lewis. MdSept 17, 1835 by Zacheus Quisenberry. (Garland son of John)

John Ford to CatharineHarlow,June 20, 1842, sur; James Harlow. (John son of John and Frances Grubb)

Patsy Ford (Martha) to David E Ferguson, Dec 30, 1845, Sur; A. Ford, consent father Peter Ford, Wit. A. Ford, Susan E. Ford, MdJan 8, 1846 by Thomas Edwards.

Emily Jane Ford, to William H Dickerson,Aug 14, 1838, Sur; Clement Ford, consent parent Frances Ford. MdAug 16, 1838 by James Lock. (Frances widow of John)

Frances M Ford to John H Harlow,Feb 16, 1835, Sur; J LGraves. MdFeb 24, 1835 by Jacob Lock.

Mary Ford to Robert T Ellis, Sept 17, 1838, Sur; Clement Ford, consent parent Frances Ford. MdSept 18, 1838 by James Lock.

Charlotte Ford to Alexander Faulkner,May 21, 1838, Sur; David Faulkner. MdMay 21, 1838 by Thomas Edwards.  (daughter of Peter) 

Charlotte Faulkner to Stephen Edwards,Jan 5, 1847, Sur; Thomas M Piper, Md Jan 7, 1847 by Ralph Petty. (Charlotte Ford, second marriage for both)

Susan E Ford to W H Locke, Dec 14, 1846, Sur; David Faulkner. (second marriage of William Locke)

America Ford to Daniel M Slinker, Aug 1, 1843, Sur; Peter Ford, consent his father Christopher Slinker, Wit Edmund Gallaway, Francis M Slinker, Md Aug 6, 1843 by Thomas Edwards. (Peter Ford signed bond, Thomas Edwards signed as minister)

William Stowball to Lucinda McDaniel,March 30, 1820, Sur;William Poynter, consent father John McDaniel, Wit William Poynter, Sam. P B (Bowdry( mdMarch 30, 1820 by Jacob Lock. (Sam Bowdry md Sally McDaniel)

Lucinda Stovall to William M Edwards, Aug 28 1837, Sur; Thomas J Helm (mother of Sarah Stovall Ford, 3rd wife of William Edwards. (second marriage of Lucinda)

Richard Bradley to Mary Ratliff, Feb 2, 1818, Sur; Peter Ford, consent mother Marget Ratliff, Wit Peter Ford, Joel Bradley. MdFeb 5, 1818 by Zacheus Quisenberry.

“Members of Mill Creek Baptist (Missionary) Church, (Old Mulkey), Monroe County,KY”

Sandra Gorin Genealogical Publishing Co

Joshua Ford, Kentucky. Joined 1815, departed 1817.

Joshua Ford,  Joined 1826, (son Or rejoin ?).

Alexandra Ford, joined Nov 1860, departed Aug 1873.

Martha Jane Ford, joined Mar 1861.

Mary Ford, joined July 1869.

Elizabeth Ford, joined July 1869, departed Sept 1876.

Mary E Ford, joined Jan 1875, departed Sept 1876.

Manda M Ford, joined Jan 1875.

Sarah Ann (Sims) Ford, joined Dec 1887, departed Mar 1891.

Joshua Ford, Pension #S3368, Georgia Line

Soldier moved with his father to North Carolinathen South Carolinaon the Savannah Riverin Edgefield District of South Carolina for 1 to 2 years, then to Richmond   County, Georgia. He lived there until he enlisted in the Revolutionary War. After the war he moved with his father to Wilkes County, Georgiafor 1 year, then his father returned to Richmond   County, Georgia. Joshua stayed with his sister named Miller in Wilkes County, Georgia. He later moved back with his father. Joshua married in Edgefield District, South Carolinaand lived there until 1807 when they moved to Barren County, Kentucky for 3 years. Then moved to Sumner County, Tennessee for 2 years then Rutherford County, Tennessee for 2 years then back to Barren County, Kentucky for 3 years then Sumner County, Tennessee then Rutherford County, Tennessee where he applied for a pension on 4 October 1832 at 75 years of age.

Garrard County, Kentucky Will, Record Book D (in my possession)

A Joshua Ford, died 1814 in Garrard County, KY. Wife Nancy.

Children named, Mariah Ford, Thomas J Ford, Levina Ford, Tolles Ford, William T Ford.

Ford’s Named in sales: Kitty Ford, Reuben Ford

Others Named; Jefferson Ford 

Kentucky Federal Court records, Order Book 1804-1815, Vol II

Bettie Cummings Cook

John Fipps v Joshua Ford, on debt, office judgment is set aside, and defendant claims that there is no record as claimed in the complainant’s declaration. The court having inspected the record proffered by the complainant, is of the opinion that there is such a record of recovery at the suit of the plaintiff against the defendant, as claimed. Writ of inquiry awarded plaintiff, and on which there came a jury composed of the same persons as in the last jury trial, who find for the plaintiff the debt an 1 penny in damages. Plaintiff to recover $235.00 and $9.30, and the damages and costs.  1806 pg 257


John Fipps, v Joshua Ford, on debt. Absalom Ford of Woodford County undertook bail for the defendant.  March 3, 1806, pg 260 

“1817 Barren County Court Records”, pg 341

John Ford, Gave power of attorney to Joseph Holman, his friend, of Henrico County, Virginia to sell his 1/5 part of the land of Hezekiah Ford in Hanover County, Virginia. This suggests that Hezekiah Ford was  possibly his father, and that there may be five children in this family.  Hanover County Tax Lists, 1782-1815: 1789-William Ford, who left two sons Langston Ford and Hezekiah Ford land. By the 1800’s the names John Ford, Reuben Ford, Samuel Ford, Timothy Ford, Daniel Ford, Obadiah Ford, and Austin Ford were appearing on the Tax List of St Paul parish. In 1809 there were two Reuben Fords, one is identified as Reuben Ford, the son of Hezekiah Ford. In 1815 a William Ford is also identified as son of Hezekiah Ford. 

Letter from Gloria Wilson Brown, Old Hickory, Tennessee; 26 april 1996

John Ford was born 18 January 1784, Probably Hanover County, Virginia. He married Frances (Grubb) and their children were, John F Ford Jr, Garland Hopkins Ford, Clement Ford, Frances Ford, Emilly Jane Ford, Virginia Mary Ford, and Sarah Ford. The records suggest that John Ford Sr left Virginia as late as 1804. John F Ford Jr reports he was born in Virginia and all the other children cite Kentucky as their birthplace.

Barren County, Kentucky

Deed Books F, G, and H

End of 1816 to the beginning of 1822

Compiled by: Sandra K Gorin, January 1992

Pg 248

Parmer Hall to John Ford, 1819, 1 acre N side Beaver Creek

Parmer Hall (Amelia) to John Ford, 1820, 100 acres North side Beaver Creek-page 157 

Metcalfe County, Kentucky Tax Lists”

Not complete

FHL #8163 

Alexander Ford, Metcalfe County Tax Lists


Little Barren River 156 acres


Water Course Barrens 156 acres, value $780

1 white male over 21, 4 horses $200, 9 cattle $20, 6 children, 6 -18 years

9 hogs, 1 in militia, 600 bushes corn, 123 bushes wheat, Total value $1000


LittleBarrenRiver, 150 acres, 1 male over 21, 4 horses $200, 7 cattle,

Total value at 30 cents per hundred, $950, value of gold and silver, watches, clocks, $5, 6 Children 6-10, hogs 19, 1in Militia, tobacco #900, bushels of corn 375, wheat 40


156 acres Little Barren River, $780, 1 white male, 3 horses $100, 5 cattle value $880, Gold/silver $5, 5 children 6-16,10 hogs, 1 in militia, tobacco #1000, corn 375 bushels, wheat 75 bushels

(William Ford, 1 of age, 1 in militia, son William of age)


6 children 6-20, 5 hogs, $1800, balance is same as 1864


167 acres, Little Barren, 3 horses $150, 8 cattle $30, value of gold $20, total $1035, 1 over 21, 6 children, 9 hogs, 1 free negro, 2000# tobacco, 250 bushels corn, 40 bushels wheat


Alexander– total value $1235

William H- 1 white male in militia, $10

Absolum– 1 white male in militia, $10


Alexander-130 acres, $700, 2 horses, 1 mule $60, 11 hogs, 2000# tobacco

Alsolum– 40 acres, $200, 2 horses $150, $350, 5 hogs, 1000# tobacco

William H– 1 white male in militia, 1000# tobacco

John C- 1 white male in militia


100 acres, Little Barren, $600, 2 horses $100, 3 cattle $700, 1 male over 21, 3 children 6020, 7 hogs, 2000# tobacco, 300 bushels corn, 30 bushels wheat,

John C-1 white male in militia

Abolum and William not listed- Gone toTexas?


100 acres on Little Barren, $1035, 2700# tobacco, 500 bushels corn, 1 ton of hay

John C, of age

Peter B, of age

Green County Marriages 1793-1836”, Green County Historical Society

Ambrose Ford & Lucy Bailey, B 17 May 1827: Ambrose Ford & Daniel Nolley

Robert Bailey, Father

Wit: Joel M Williams and Wilson Bailey

M17 May 1827, Joseph Franceway

John Ford & Pheby Nolly, B 13 Apr 1824: Dugind Ford and Phillip Miller

C11 Apr 1824, J Nolley

John Ford & Lucinda Warren, B 2 Jan 1834: John Ford and Hugh Warren

Madison H (Fox) Ford & Mary S Johnson, B 25 Nov 1834: Madison H Ford and Thomas

C24 Oct 1834, F W Johnson, Father

Wit. Aaron Harding and Thomas C Casey

M25 Nov 1834, Felix G Black

Samuel Ford & Nancy Jones, B 14 Sep 1813: Samuel Ford and James H Clark

Isaac Jones, father,24 Sep 1813: James H Clark & Hugh Motty

Thomas I Ford & Elinor Edwards, B9 Apr 1825: Thomas I Ford and Wm H Edwards

M14 Apr 1825, Rev John Harding 

W H Ford & Eleanor W Chapman, B 19 Apr 1824: W H Ford and Daniel Nolly

M19 Apr 1824, Rev John Howe

William Ford & Nancy Embry, B…: Wm Ford and Henry Embry

M17 April 1820, Rev James Hill

Ann Ford & Hugh Kelso, B 25 Sep 1801: Hugh Kelso and Mordecai Boone

Mahlah Ford & Williams Lile, B 11 Dec 1824: Williams Lile and Elisha B Ford

C George Ford, Father and Elisha B Ford

M11 Dec 1824, Rev Thomas Skaggs

Minerva Ford & James Jackson, B 26 Nov 1836: James Jackson and John Ford

C Parents of Miss Ford

Pheby Ford & James Braggs, B21 Dec 1829: James Bragg and Simeon Rice

M24 Dec 1829, Thomas Lasley 

Green County, Kentucky Will Records, Will Book I, II and Inventory Book II, 1795-1820”,                    Compiled by Barbara Wright

13 Nov 1801, Will of William Walker: Exec: wife, Elizabeth and Luke Ford

1804, Inventory of Barnes Clark, personal estate, Appraisers: Luke Ford, John Thurman, Adam Mitchel

1807, Inventory of Luke Ford: Appraisers, John Brunts, Thomas Marshall, William Phillips, Jr; Negro men,London and Allen.

5 Feb 1820, Will of Henry Eastis (yeoman), Wit: B Chisham, Duiguid Ford, Judith Walker, and William Phillips, Sr. 26 Apr 1820, Proven by Benjamin Chisham and Duiguid (or Duiquid) Ford.

10 July 1833, Will of Robert Bailey: “I have given allotment to my children that is married, to wit: John Bailey, Lucy Ford, Martha Henderson and Marlet Phillips.

29 July 1817, List of accounts and notes of Estate of Thomas Bass: Elizabeth Ford. 

“Circuit Court Records, Volume I, 1811-1820”, Gladys B Wilson & Sandra K Gorin

James Ford purchased one Riddle from the estate of George Moore dec, 20th day of May 1813. 

“History Speaks”, Quarterly of the Metcalfe County Historical Society, Inc

Volume XIX, 2000, Number 4

Three Springs Kentucky, A Cornerstone Village

A little village which is the corner stone of Barren, Hart, and Metcalfe Counties. It stood three miles from the Green County line a few years ago and was the cornerstone of three congressional districts, the third, the fourth, and the eleventh. Metcalfe County was taken out of the eleventh and placed in the third which leaves Three Springs the corner of only two congressional districts. We boast of having three of the best spring s in Kentucky. One in Barren, one in Metcalfe, and one in Hart. All three stand close together.

John (Jack( Ennis was a large land and slave owner and settled adjoining farms to John Gillaspy one mile south of Three Springs near a large spring on the Greensburg-Glasgow Road in Barren County, When Metcalfe County was made a county in 1860, it included part of Ennis land.

Traces; The South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society

John Gillaspy lived on the GG Road and had large surveys of land around Three Springs near a large spring. When Hart County was made a county in 1819 and Metcalfe in 1860 they included part of Gillaspys land.

“Barren County, Kentucky.Deed Book Mpg 292-

21 November 1831 between Louis Slinker executor of John B Jourdon decd, Barren Co, Ky and Peter Ford, Barren Co Kentucky.Witnessed that the said Lewis Slinker Exr as aforesaid hath by virtue of the last will and testament of the said bearing date 13 Aug 1822 and recorded in the Barren County Court Clerks office bargained and sold to Peter Ford 2 tracts of land for consideration of  $580.50 commonwealth paper money paid to Louis Slinker exr. One tract containing  70 acres baring  the late residence of the said Jno B Jordan decd, on the S E side of Buckhill in Barren County Beginning at 2 post oaks and black oak in Alexander Faulkners line, S 29 W 140  poles to a stone and persomon thence S 55 E 77 poles to a stake in Jesse Pinicks line thence N 50 E 65 poles to 2 post oaks thence N 15 W 100 poles to a sassafras, black oak and hickory Corner Alexander Falkners thence N 44 W 35 poles to the beginning. The other tract containing 100 acres a little North of the former tract that John B Jordon purchased from John Gallaspie and begins at a sassafras and elm S E Corner of W. Queens survey running South 5 W 15 8 poles to a black oak and Spanish oak thence N 75 W 130 poles to four sweet gums thence N 5 W 115 poles to two blackgums thence N 71 E 16 poles to a stake in Wm Queens line, thence S 9 E 40 poles to hickory and red oak, Wm Queens corner thence S his line N 11 E 134 poles to the beginning. ……Louis Slinker, signature

William Logan Clerk of the County court for the County…..

Barren County, Kentucky

Summons-15 Nov 1824-issued upon Peter Ford, John W Edwards & Lewis Slinker to appear in Court next March Term 

15 Nov 1824-Restraining Order– issued upon Lewis Slinker to prevent him from conveying the land to Peter Ford or John W Edwards.

Plaintiff, Jesse Handy; Defendant, Peter Ford & C; Date 1825; Case No, File 300

Jesse Handy state that at the last term of Court, he obtained a judmenent against Peter For for $27.88, costs of the continuance of a common law suit exection issued 14 July 1824, which was returned by the sheriff marked “no property found upon which to levy.”

Handy is informed and believes that a certain Lewis Slilner as the Executor of the last will and testament of John Jourdan, deceased, sold to said Ford 2 tracts of land in Barren County near the Greensbgurgh Road- one of 60 acres adjoining Sm Edwards “Buck Hill Field”, the other of 100 acres which lies near the 60 acre tract.

The 60 acre tract is now in the possession of Ford, and Slinker executed his bond to make a title as soon as Ford completed the purchase price, which has been paid all but $26.

Handy charges that Ford with a fraudlent (sic) intention has assigned said bond to a certain John W Edwards, and they are both contriving to prevent Handy from collecting the judgment.

Jesse Handy Amended Bill-22 March 1825: Handy prays to the court that the Ford land be sold to pay his judgement & to finish payment to Slinker the $26 balance on hand.

Dismissal Plea- 1 Aug 1825Jesse Handy, with the consent of all parties entered a plea of dismissal, with each of the parties agreeing to pay his own costs.

Peter Ford answers-2 June 1825;Admits the judgement, etc, and purchase of land, and states that it is 70 acres instead of 60, and that he hs sold the land for #300 to said Edwards with no intent of fraud.

“Barren County, Kentucky Deed Books, I through N, 1821-1834”; Sandra K Gorin

John Ford to Daniel Snoddy, 1821. Headwaters of Boyds Creek; 42 ½ acres; McMahon’s line.

Randolph Harlow (Peggy) of Hart Co to Isaac Dale of Barren, 1823. 224 acres near the Bare Wallow; Peter Ford: Ferguson’s line; James Jameson.

Wm Hall to John Grigsby, 1827. 60 a north side of Beavers Creek; part of 200 a. Patented to Palmer Hall; John Fords; Clabon Harlow…

From Sandra K Gorin’s Land Entries Series 

 not entered as yet

Green County, Kentucky Will Records, Book 3, 1840-1875”,Compiled by Barbara Wright

Undated Will of George P Chaney: Wit: T W Edwards, Thomas J Ford and Josiah Mitchell: Proven by Thomas W Edwards, who swore that Josiah Mitchell and Thomas J Ford signed; Recorded 10 Apr 1849.

21 Sep 1862, Will of Thomas W Edwards: My grandchildren, the children of my deceased daughter, Elenor Ford, to wit: Sarah Ann Oakley, wife of Lewis Coakley Francis Ford and Harriet Underwood, wife of William Underwood, get my slave,Billy……. My grandson, Duiquid Ford gets the note I hold on him. (extensive will)

14 Aug 1874, Will of William G Keen: The balance of my estate is to be divided among my other children: Alfred Keen, Sophia Light, Moses Keen, Louisa E Ford and my grandsons.

Barren County, Kentucky Stray Book I, 1817-1843 & Stray Book 2, 1843-1928”

Martha Powell Reneau & Sandra K Gorin

5 Dec 1837, John Ford Sr, near the 3 Forks and Bell’s Tavern

15 March 1841, Garland H Ford, 7 miles W of Glasgow near Simeon Lewis on Stovalls Road.

27 Nov 1818, William Edwards, near Blue Spring Meeting House

27 Jan 1819, James G Hardy, Big Blue Spring Grove

30 Mar 1819, Samuel Jordan, Beaver Creek W of Glasgow

7 Oct 1819, John Gillaspy, Three Springs

4 Jan 1820, Wm Edwards & John Edwards (no description)

4 Nov 1820, Thomas Edwards, Dry Grove

18 Jan 1822, Cader Edwards, 5 miles from Slinker’s Mill

16 Dec 1822, Thomas Edwards, near Bllue Spring Grove

17 Jan 1824, John Faulkner, Blue Spring Meeting House

15 Dec 1828, David Faulkner, near Blue Spring Meeting House

19 Dec 1828, Wm Edwards, near Blue Spring Meeting House

10 Feb 1831, John Ferguson, near Blue Spring Meeting House

16 Mar 1831, Wm M Edwards, near Blue Spring Meeting House

27 Nov 1832, Isaac N Edwards, near Blue Spring Grove

5 Dec 1837, John Ford Sr, near 3 Forks and Bell’s Tavern

4 Dec 1839, Isaac N Edwards, near lower end of Blue Spring Grove

2 Dec 1840,Isaac Edwards, Dry Fork of Little Barren, 4 miles W of Edmunton

26 Dec 1840, David Faulkner, near Frederick

22 Jan 1841, Wm M Edwards, at the Bearwallow

15 Mar 1841, Garland H Ford, 7 miles W of Glasgow on Stovalls Road

16 Jan 1843, Stephen Ratliff, near Blue Spring Meeting House

4 Feb 1848, John B Edwards, near Blue Spring Grove

30 Oct 1851, Catharine Edwards, near Blue Spring Grove

28 Nov 1851, J N Edwards, near Rock Spring Meeting House

11 Feb 1852, John B Edwards, near Blue Spring Grove

26 Nov 1852, William J Edwards, near Blue Spring grove

11 Jan 1856, W C Stovall, 15 miles E of Glasgow

10 Dec 1856, N E Edwards, 16 miles E of Glasgow

29 Dec 1864, Edward S Edwards, Rock Spring Meeting House, app by C D Edwards & P F Edwards 

Green County, Kentucky Will Records, Book 4, 1875-1913”,

             Compiled by Barbara Wright

29 October 1896, Will of John R Ford: To Lilly and Ivy Ford (daughters), Emit Ford and Charley Ford. (sons). Brother Elijah Ford appointed guardian and exec of my children. Wit: Aylette Pepper and W L Akin.

9 June 1900, Will of George W Haselwood: A L Ford and William H Haselwood were witnesses.

“Green County, Kentucky Abstracts of Deed, Books 1 and 2, 1793-1801”                          Compiled by Barbara Wright 

Deed Book 1: Boas Ford’s improvement,1 June 1796. Daniel Hudgens first sworn: “sometime in the summer of 1780 that this deponent and John Hudgens started from Glover’s Station a came across Mill Creek …up River to John’s Creek…to Thomas Marshal…. and there stood a Beach Tree Mark BF near the spring. John Hudgens informed him that this was the spring that he entered for Boas Ford.:

Mary Thurman: “sometime in the year 1795 Laurance Smith came to her house and told her that he cut the letters out of the Beach Tree at the cave spring on the head of John’s Creek and cut Fuquay …name in the same tree”.

James C Studdart; “in the Fall 1782 or 83 saith that him and Mathew Mays Senior and James Skaggs was present when the said timber was dedned and said James Skaggs did Dedon the timber and that there was no timber dedned before that time.” 

Deed Book 1, 12 September 1796; Boaz Ford of Buckingham County, Virginia to Luke Ford, son of Boaz Ford……250 acres on John’s Creek, a branch of Green River….400acre where Boaz Ford has a patent dated 16 July 1794…..

Deed Book 1, 16 October 1797; Boaz Ford of Buckingham County, Virginia to his son, Ambrose Ford, 150 acres adjoing Luke Ford and William Phillips. John’s Creek

Barren County Deed Book 2, 27 May 1799”

William McKinney appoint Edward L Harris of Lincoln County, Kentucky as Attorney to get the amount of judgment obtained by him against John Ford and Joel Glass in the Court of Quarter Sessions for Mercer County, and to have the same legally authenticated so I may sue for the same in the state of Georgia 

“Barren County, Kentucky Will Book 3, October 1828-May 1852”

Incomplete works of Eva Coe Peden and completed by Sandra K Gorin

Page 255, 17 Mar 1840-Dec Term 1845, Robert S Bell, decd

Witnesses; William Ford, William Hall

Page 260/1, 29 May 1846-Oct Term 1846, Lander Ford, decd

I bequeath my Tract of Land containing by Survey 75 acres to my son Jack (Jole). In confirmation whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 27th day of May , 1846 and in the presence of these witnesses. Lander X Ford, Witness, F McMillan, Tilman Norris.

Page 361, 23 Sept 1851-Nov1852, John Clack, decd

Witnesses; Wm Vance, John Ford, Att; Travis Cockrill

page 20, 3 Dec 1856, proven

Barren County, Kentucky Will Book 4, May 1856-Sept 8, 1884

Incomplete works of Eva Coe Peden, & presented by Sandra K Gorin

Dec 1856

James Wood est. signed and attested by John Ford, William R Redford, John S Friend

Page 332, 26 Aug 1874; 15 May 1876, Henry Eugank Sr, decd

3 tracts of land they adjoin each other in Barren Co, one tract conveyed to me by Edmund White & wife, one by Joel Word and one by Catharine Ford, widow of John Ford.  

Page 436, Feb 1878; 18 June 1883, Edward P Bybee decd.

Signed and witnessed by P L Ford and W P Bybee

Page 252, Sept 1870; Dec Term 1870; Sarah Chase Renunciation of Will

Signed and witnessed by Garland Ford, Jas B Brown, M P Gossom

Barren County, Kentucky Deed Book I-322, ( land joins 292)

Not entered as yet

Green County Review, Winter 2002

Tramel Creek Church of Christ,

 on Tramels Creek, Established 1799

December the 26, 18—(possibly 1821)

Dolly Autrea


Peter Ford

John Edwards 

William Harlow, et al vs Jackson P Cunningham

Green County, Kentucky Circuit Case #8799, 7 November, 1867

William D Harlow, deceased,

Children; Amanda Wright married M T Wright, B F Harlow, W E Harlow, J H Harlow, -?-Harlow married John Ford, James L Harlow, Emily F Harlow, -?- married Nathaniel Ford, A P Harlow.

Mr  S A Spencer, you will pleas to give the power of atty we gave to you up to William Harlow. Signed, M T Wright, Amanda J Wright, B F Harlow, J H Harlow, Katherine Ford, James I Harlow, Emily F Harlow, John Ford, A P Harlow.

“Three Springs Baptist Church Membership Lists”

Organized First Saturday in October 1823, Excerpt From The Judge Roy A Cann Files

Hart County, Kentucky Historical Society

Sandi Gorins Book

(Members who had ties to the Ford Family)


Jacob Lock, John C Stovall,Thomas Edwards, pastor,Isham Hardy,


James Lock,William G Hardy,Rebecca Hardy,Mary S Hardy,Ann Hardy


John Falkner,Catharine Edwards Jr,Martha Edwards,Susanna Ford Jr,Charlotte Ford

1838- 1841

John B Edwards,Eliza Nevil, late Eliza Edwards,Rebecca Hardy,Mary Hardy

Margaret Harlow, Absolem Ford, dismissed


A A Pointer, Zacharia Hardy ,Alexander Ford, Thos Edwards, Eliza Edwards,Mary S Hardy,Catherine Lock,Susanna Ford,Charlotte Faulkner,Juliett A Pointer,America Slinker,Martha Lock,William G Hardy,Mary S Hardy,Amy Hardy,Charlotte Faulkner


Wm G Hardy ,Alexr Ford


Alexander Ford, dismissed to Blue Spring,Sept 1847

Isaac N Edwards, Minister ,James Hardy,Susanah Lock


Julious A Pointer ,Lucrecia J Hardy ,Jane Stovall,Polly Ann Hardy,Francis L Hardy

Cintha E Hardy,Martha H Hardy,Absalom Ford, ordained


Alexander Faulkner and Wife Charlotte,America Ford,Alexander Ford,Margaret Harlow.Mary Hardy,James L Hardy,James Hardy Jr,Zachariah Hardy,David C Hardy,Eliza Jane Dale


John B Edwards,Eliza Nevil, late Eliza Edwards,Rebecca Hardy,Mary Hardy,Margaret Harlow.Absolem Ford, dismissed


A A Pointer,Zacharia Hardy.Alexander Ford.Thos Edwards,Eliza EdwardsMary S Hardy,Catherine Lock,Susanna Ford,Charlotte Faulkner,Juliett A Pointer,America Slinker,Martha Lock,William G Hardy,Mary S Hardy,Amy Hardy,Charlotte Faulkner


Wm G Hardy,Alexr Ford,


Alexander Ford, dismissed to Blue Spring,Sept 1847

Isaac N Edwards, Minister,James Hardy,Susanah Lock


Julious A Pointer,Lucrecia J Hardy,Jane Stovall,Polly Ann Hardy,Francis L Hardy

Cintha E Hardy,Martha H Hardy,Mary Hardy


Charlote Edwards, dismissed


Sary Ann Ford, Cateren Ford,William Ford


Sary Ann Ford, dismissed,William Ford, dismissed,Elizabeth F Poynter,J G and S H Hardy,Robt Stovall,A A Poynter and wife Juliett A Poynter,J G Hardy


Robert Stovall,James L Hardy,Peter O Hardy,A A Poynter,Peter B Ford,Jno S Hardy

Jno C Ford,Kendrick Slinker,James A Ford,Valentine G Hardy,Alen Ford,Isaac Hardy,Elizabeth F Poynter,L J Stovall,Mary A Hardy,Sarah W Hardy,Sarah A Ford

Sarah E Stovall,Lucy B Ford,Amanda B Locke,Susan Locke,Mattie Locke,James A Ford


Lucy B Ford,Susan Locke,Mattie Locke

2nd Saturday in Sep 1877. Bro A Ford and wife Sarah, daughter Lucy

And P B Ford call for letters of dismission which is granted.

Goodhope Church Barren county Kentucky (now Metcalfe) 1838-1872

Eva Coe Peden and Gladys Benedict Wilson

Church Roll, July 14, 1838

Austine Ford, by experience, Bapt Feb 1843

1843, Goodhope Church of Separate Baptists held their monthly meeting on the 2nd Saturday in February and after their usual mode the church sanctioned the former reception of Brother Augustine Ford. 

May the Second, Saturday 1843, Goodhope Church of Separate Baptists sanctioned the new Constitution of the Church Hopewell and granted a Dismission of 22 members, (included was Austin Ford. 

Neither the families of John nor Peter belonged to these Churches that I know of.  

Green County Kentucky, Abstracts of Circuit Court Records, Volume 3

Compiled by Barbara Wright, 1999

Green Co, KY Circuit Case #9399, 1870

William Harlow vs Samuel Hedgespeth, et al

May 20, 1870

Court ordered arbitrators; Alexander Ford and Alexander Milby to settle the matter. They met and examined the title papers and decided that there shall be a line beginning in a swamp supposed to be the old Belcher line, now corner of Z T Harlow……William Harlow shall have all the land contained in the patent and on the southside of the line……..

Bible and Family Records of Barren County, Kentucky and Surrounding Areas, Volume I

Eva Coe Peden, Glasgow, Kentucky

Harlow Bible (belonged to Wm. D. Harlow and wife Fannie Hall Harlow, early settlers on Beaver Creek in Barren County, Kentucky)

Katherine Harlow was born July 16th, 1819

Katherine Harlow married John Ford June 23rd 1843.

Deaths: Katherine Ford wife of John Ford died November 27th 1888, aged 69 years and 4 months.

Old John Peden Bible (printed in Edinburg, 1789)

Eleazor Peden and Sara A Ford was married Nov the 1, 1855 and separated Nov 17, 1856. 

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